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Ningbo Hanghai Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Zhenhai Rapier Head Co., Ltd.), founded in August 1988, produces varieties of rapier heads for rapier looms and other textile accessories.


Keywords: textile accessories  

Product details

Whole process one-stop service

From industrial design and engineering design to parts composition manufacturing and surface treatment, and then to the completion of the whole machine assembly, we use professional processing machines and equipment to optimize and improve each process according to the different needs of customers, and perfect the quality management system to check at every level and hand over to customers the best quality products.


Over the years, "Sailing" has its own enterprise spirit, factory song, factory flag, factory logo and factory clothes. Since 2002, it has been rated as a civilized unit in Ningbo every year. Over the years, we have used various publicity positions to conduct publicity and education on corporate culture to our employees, commend good people and good deeds, and cultivate the team spirit, professionalism, "sailing" culture and "sailing" spirit of our employees, which are the spiritual wealth of "sailing" people.

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