What is the role of loom accessories in textile machinery

Textile accessories include: comber accessories, loom accessories, twister accessories, comber accessories, loom accessories, roving machine accessories. As an accessory of textile machinery, the beam pressing plate is suitable for various shuttle looms and small rapier looms. It is an ordinary attachment. According to different types of use, F11 and GA615 are normally installed on the take-up device of textile machinery with 2110 bridge gear. It is processed by gear milling, with high precision and reasonable tolerance. The back box at the end of the belt is located at the shuttle changing side of the loom and consists of a shuttle cover and a shuttle seat. The side bracket on the switch side has no tail. The side plate of textile machinery, also known as the "lower bar", is an important part of the shuttle component of textile machinery. It can quickly complete the shuttle operation based on the lever principle. The weft fork device is used to detect the empty weft in the weaving process of the loom, so as to realize the fast stop. The mechanical fork sensitivity is stable.

Loom accessories are widely used in shuttleless looms. Loom accessories are the attributes of high-speed, automatic and high-energy production. Their active weft insertion is applicable to all kinds of yarns and loom accessories. Multi color weft knitting can produce up to 16 kinds of weft dyeing products. As shuttle looms are replaced by loom accessories, loom accessories will become the main type of fabric production.